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WMTA6-LN-2S / 3S Multistage Turbine Mag-Drive Pumps

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Series WMTA-MS
Mag-Drive Multi Stage Turbine


Warrender Series WMTA – LN Mag-drive regenerative turbine pumps safely meet high head, low NPSA system requirements. Dynamic turbine impeller pumping action handles entrained gases to resist vapor locking.


WMTA- LN multi-stage magnetic drive process pumps have been designed for applications requiring low flows at high heads but with low NPSHa. WMTA6 magnetic drive process pumps are top suction top discharge, two and three stage configurations, with a centrifugal first stage impeller / inducer to achieve low NPSH values. The second and third stage are regenerative turbine impellers that develop heads up to and 1000 feet at 60 Hz. WMTA6 magnetic drive process pumps have been specifically designed for liquefied gases (e.g. NH3, CO2, LPG, Butane, etc.). In Particular, refrigeration applications where the total absence of liquid vapor releases to plant and personnel, or CFC derivatives into the atmosphere that is harmful to the environment. The robust construction is achieved by machined billet from forged bars, and their seal less design, results in a safe, reliable and durable pump suitable for oil and gas refineries, chemical plants and OEM systems. When required, the WMTA6 pumps can be built in an API-685 configuration. 




  • High head pumping with pulsation free performance
  • Handles up to 20% entrained gas, resists vapor locking
  • Dynamic design (avoid over pressurization w/ P.D. pumps)
  • Low heat induction to avoid flashing

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Technical Data
  • Flow: 0.25- 45 GPM (0.5 - 10 m³/H)
  • Head: To 900 feet (230 m)
  • Temperature Ratings: -148 to +572°F (-100 to +300°C)
  • Pressure ratings: to 1450 PSI (100 Bar)
  • NPSHr to 1”


  • SS 316 Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Hastelloy-C27, Titanium


Selection Chart

wmta6 3500 rpmWMTA-LN-2 Stage Curves_50_60Hz 

wmta6 1700rpmWMTA-LN-3 Stage Curves_50_60Hz

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brochureNew Seal-Less Mag-Drive Pumps Brochure

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Replacement Parts:

Rear Wet End Kits, Shaft, Sleeve & Thrust Bearings, Impeller & Casing wear Rings, Internal Magnets, Casing Gaskets, Power/ Bearing Frame Components