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WMT Billet PP PVDF Turbine Mag Drive Pumps

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Mag Drive Turbine

MT Series (WMT) machined thermoplastic regenerative turbine seal-less Mag-Drive Pumps are ideally suited to low applications, MT regenerative turbine pump avoid oversized centrifugals that require flow by-passing and excessive horsepower. MT non-metallic turbine designs have excellent chemical resistance and extremely low wear characteristics. Variations in head calculations have minimal effect on the flow of the turbine pump. Also, turbine pumps can be throttled to a required duty point without by-passing.


  • Exclusive solid machined PP or PVDF casings and impellers components
  • Heavy casing wall thicknesses
  • Resists external corrosion
  • Self-Balancing impeller eliminates thrust bearing wear
  • Handles up to 20% entrained gas, resists cavitation
  • Direct starting, standard NEMA motors

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Technical Data

  • Flow: 0.6-65 GPM (0.13-13 m³/H)
  • Head: To 180 feet (55 m)
  • Temperature Ratings: To 200°F (95°C)
  • Pressure ratings: 100 PSIG (7 Bar)




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WMT iom ManualIOM Manual

Composite Brochure (Warrender Seal-less Mag-drive)

Brochure (Solid PP & PVDF Thermoplastic Mag-Drive Pumps)

Data Sheet

Replacement Parts:

Rear Wet End Kits, Shaft, Sleeve & Thrust Bearings, Impeller & Casing wear Rings, Internal Magnets, Casing Gaskets, Power/ Bearing Frame Components