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The WARRENDER WMCA pumps are magnetically-driven, heavy-duty, centrifugal process designs, capable of unmatched performance and reliability, even in the most arduous of applications. The substantial construction and zero-leakage design of WMCA centrifugals ensure maximum safety and full compliance with toxic emissions regulations. WMCA pumps are engineered to meet ANSI, ISO and API standards, and are fully customizable to your exact process specifications.


  • Available in ANSI B73.1, ISO-2858 or API-685 standards with long or closed-coupled mounting
  • Hydraulically and dynamically balanced impellers
  • Heavy-duty .060” thick Hastelloy-C276 containment shell
  • Quick-charge rear cartridge assembly allows ease of servicing
  • Alpha grade silicon carbide bearing assemblies are spring-loaded to eliminate shaft end-play
  • Samarium cobalt magnetic couplings provide reliable performance at temperatures up to 600°F without external cooling.
  • Quick-change rear cartridge assembly allows ease of servicing and reduces maintenance costs
  • High-torque magnetic couplings eliminate need for soft-starting motors
  • All ports are raised-face 150 lb. or 300 lb. ANSI flanges (600 lb. and 900 lb. are also available)


WMCA-ISO Alloy Centrifugal Mag-Drive Seal less Pumps

iso centrifugal pump
SR Alloy Centrifugal Mag-Drive Seal-less Pumps


M Molded PP & PVDF Centrifugal Mag-Drive Pumps

MMB Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

MMB Horiz

WMCH Billet PP & PVDF Mag-Drive Pumps


CFG-FRP ANSI Centrifugal Pumps

CG FRP Centrifugal