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WARRENDER LTD’S Series VSS Pumps were designed to address the considerable costs and efforts required for pumping varying viscosities, abrasive slurries, and damaging solids. WARRENDER’S innovative disc-rotor design is technologically superior to other pumping solutions on the market today. Our pumps are in use for a wide range of applications in various processing industries.


The Warrender VSS Disc-Rotor pump greatly extends MTBF / MTBPM in arduous services over conventional centrifugal or positive displacement designs. Here are other important attributes that make the slurry pump a veritable investment in your process:

  • Pulsation-free, smooth laminar flow makes it ideal for handling fragile products while minimizing damage to internal components and related piping and instrumentation.
  • The pump has no tight internal tolerances allowing the disc-rotor pump to pass large and irregular hard solids without plugging.
  • Thanks to the smooth laminar flow, the disc rotor’s low net positive suction head (NPSH) requirements is nearly 1/3 to 1/2 that of a comparable centrifugal pump.
  • The disc-rotor pump design has a dry-run capability; it can be operated indefinitely with zero process fluid. However, the mechanical seal must be flushed during dry running.
  • The versatile design of the pump enables it to successfully handle various operational conditions without any internal modifications. The ingenious design also ensures a long pump component service life.

Users will notice a significant improvement in productivity as the product losses reduce, as a result of the minimal contact pumping mechanism and laminar flow.

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Applications Overview

The disc-rotor pumps are an excellent addition to a wide range of industrial operations. They are widely used in industries such as pulp and paper manufacturing, oil refining and drilling, metal mining, wastewater treatment and utility plants, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical and bio-medical processing.

  • Primary applications: Crude Oil, Centrifuge, Heavy oils, waste oil, and hot oil, Latex, Polymers, Sand, Gravel & Grit, Corn Mash, Gypsum, Hot Tar, Underflow Thickener Sludge
  • Abrasive slurries: Titanium Dioxide,, Calcium Carbonate, Synthetic Fuels (40+% abrasives), clay, Crude Oil w/Sand, Gas and Water, Heavy Salt Brine, DE Pre-coat, Bottom & Fly Ash, Concrete and Grout, Municipal Primary Sludge, Digested Sludge, Ceramic slip, Lime (50+%)
  • Self Priming: Tanker & Rail car Unloading, High Solids Bilge Water, Mine Dewatering, Coal Fines and Sediment, Lift Stations, and Sludge Sumps.
  • Sheer Sensitive & Delicate Materials: Polymers, Latex, Sugar Crystals, Polystyrene, Crystalline Suspensions, and Oil / Water Separator Feed.

To learn how the slurry pump can add value to your industrial operations, speak with a trained WARRENDER, LTD representative today.