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Seal-less Refrigeration Pump Range from WARRENDER, LTD

WARRENDER, LTD. offers environmentally safe seal-less magnetic pumps designed for the safe and efficient transfer and circulation of Ammonia and CO2. WARRENDER’s refrigeration pumps are decidedly outstanding with magnetic coupling technology. Other significant process advantages include: minimal heat loads, field serviceability, lower installation costs, and compliance with EPA zero emissions regulations.

Series WMTA and WMTA6-LN-MS
  • Regenerative Turbine (High heads, low to medium flows)

Series WMCA

  • ISO-2858 / API-685
  • Process Centrifugal (Medium to high flows)

Series SR

  • Close-Coupled Centrifugal (Low to medium flows)

Series WMPA

  • Rotary Vane (Low flows - high pressure)

WARRENDER’s advanced engineering capabilities have produced a pump range that is both efficient in operations and economical in ownership.

Key Advantages

WARRENDER is as concerned about environmental regulations compliance as you are. Our refrigeration pump range is designed for zero emissions and maximum safety, thus ruling out toxic and dangerous chemical releases. WARRENDER pumps are widely used for the transfer of explosive and volatile liquids that can react with atmospheric contact, and cause irreparable damage.

Defining attributes of WARRENDER’s Ammonia and CO2 circulation and transfer pumps include:
  • Pump is encased in robust, high thickness pump casings
  • High efficiency impellers with low NPSH requirements
  • Durable rare earth magnetic couplings that perform faultlessly even in extreme temperatures
  • Hardwearing rear casings available in single or double walled non-weld design

Technical Specifications of Warrender’s Pump Range
  • Flows from 0.1 to 4500 gpm
  • Pressures up to 7,250 psig
  • Heads to 3,250 feet
  • Temperatures from -238°F to +600° F
  • Pump liquefied gases or liquids with low NPSH
  • Compatible with VFD control systems

Usage and Applications

WARRENDER’s refrigeration pump range is used in numerous refrigeration systems, API & CPI processes, as well as thermal transfer systems. Some typical applications include:
  • Liquid Ammonia, CO2 and Fluorocarbon Refrigerants
  • All EPA monitored chemicals
  • Dangerous, toxic, noxious and carcinogenic liquids
  • Solvents, hydrocarbons, pyrophorics and other volatile liquids
  • Heat transfer fluids (up to 650° F, 840° F w/ heat exchanger)
  • Hot /super heated water
  • Liquefied gases
  • Cryogenic fluids (down to -150°C)
  • High pressure circulation systems
  • Pressurizing mechanical seal pots
  • Sampling, metering or chemical injection systems

In addition to its standard range of pumps, WARRENDER honors requirements for customized pumps feature pump casing and internal components made of materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel, in keeping with process requirements. For more information or enquiries, please speak with a WARRENDER, LTD representative today.

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Seal-less Magnetic Pumps Offer Versatility in Refrigeration Systems

WARRENDER seal-less magnetic process pumps safely handle toxic refrigerants as used in NH3, CO2, Freon or glycol based systems. Standardized close-coupled TEFC motors remove the hot windings from the process while meeting any electrical standard. Magnetic couplings meet zero emissions requirements with a minimized heat load or flashing. Warrender pumps are available in high flow circulation or low flow transfer designs.

WARRENDER Seal-less Magnetic Pumps


  • Recirculation - High Flow Centrifugal Process Pumps
  • Transfer – High Head Turbine Pumps
  • Portable - High Pressure Vane Pumps

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Typical Alloy WARRENDER Pump Applications

  • All EPA monitored chemicals
  • Solvents, hydrocarbons, and other volatile liquids
  • Heat transfer fluids
  • Hot water
  • Refrigerants and liquefied gases
  • Cryogenic processes
  • High pressure circulation systems


Flow Range: 1.0 to 2000 GPM
Heads: to 1000 FEET
Pressures: to 720 PSIG / 50 BARG (MAWP)
Power Rating: to 200 HP

WCB-Cast Steel, 316-SS


WARRENDER Pump factories meet stringent ISO-9001 quality standards with a culmination of many decades of pump engineering, technical expertise and knowhow. Test facilities are among the most formidable in the pump industry. Warrender Pumps are backed by both a 12/18 month Warranty and a Performance Guarantee for all approved applications.


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wmta alloy turbine pump
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wmca iso alloy centrifugal pump
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