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Alloy Seal-less Magnetic Drive Pumps

FULL ANSI Class: 150 lb., 300 lb. & 600 lb.

Since its inception, WARRENDER has been striving to provide its customers with industry-best and premium quality seal-less magnetic drive pumps that exceed their expectations. Experts at WARRENDER have wisely designed and accurately engineered these high pressure pumps to meet the most demanding and risky industrial pumping applications.

WARRENDER Magnetic Drive Pumps for Oil and Gas Industry

WARRENDER heavy duty, seal-less magnetic (mag-drive) pumps meet arduous, high pressure processes within the Oil & Gas industries. These high pressure magnetic pumps are inherently seal-less, circumventing the complexity and high cost of extreme duty mechanical seal systems.

WARRENDER seal-less magnetic pumps are in full compliance with EPA regulations that monitor the emissions of toxic chemicals. Since these high pressure pumps release zero emissions, they not only greatly enhance the plant safety but also eliminate customized mechanical seal configurations and lengthy reengineering that accompanies them. Significant improvements in material s technologies place magnetic pumps as the “Best Available Control Technology” for many API process requirements.

High Reliability Coupled with Environmental Safety

WARRENDER Seal-less Magnetic Drive Pumps are made to the highest standards conforming to the international safety regulations and standards. Superior-grade materials and top-notch manufacturing methods have been utilized to fabricate these extremely reliable and durable high pressure pumps. They have gained immense popularity and wide acceptance in the international market due to their features such as:

  • Leak-proof magnetic drive
  • Long motor bearing life due to dynamically balanced drive magnet
  • Less or minimal chance of motor burnout and overloading under adverse conditions as their magnetic coupling design acts as a clutch
  • Pumping heads are easily rotated, cleaned or serviced with no special tool requirements
  • Feature to prevent motor heat from being transferred to the fluid being pumped.
  • Feature thermal overload protection

WARRENDER not only merely provide exceptional quality magnetic drive pumps, but also give you excellent assistance to use the product. You will be provided with easy-to-understand operating manual with drawings and instruction manual for using the product safely and securely.

Flow Range: 0.25 to 2000 GPM
Heads: to 1000 FEET
Pressures: to 1450 PSIG / 100 BARG (MAWP)
Power Rating: to 200 HP

WCB-Cast Steel, 316-SS, Incoloy-825 & Hastelloy-C276

API Sealed Process Pumps

High Quality API-610 Centrifugal Process Pumps API-610 11th Ed. Heavy Duty Process Pumps

IWARRENDER API-610 pumps have been developed over many years of dedicated service in meeting the rigorous demands of the Oil and Gas industries.

Flow Range: to 8000 GPM
Heads: to 1700 FEET
Pressures: to 725 PSIG / 50 BARG (MAWP)
Power Rating: to 2000 HP

MATERIALS : WCB-Cast Steel, 316-SS, Incoloy-825 & Hastelloy-C276

WMS Single Stage Pumps ISO 2858, ISO 5199

High Quality ISO & DIN Centrifugal Process Pumps

WARRENDER ISO & DIN pumps have been developed incompliance with the International Standards Organization for dimensional and performance interchangeability within the chemical industry.

Flow Range: to 5000 GPM
Heads: to 700 FEET
Pressures: to 300 PSIG / 20 BARG (MAWP)
Power Rating: to 1000 HP

MATERIALS: WCB-Cast Steel, 316-SS, Incoloy-825 & Hastelloy-C276

From Stock or Built-to-Spec™

WARRENDER Pump factories meet stringent ISO-9001 quality standards with a culmination of many decades of pump engineering, technical expertise and knowhow. Test facilities are among the most formidable in the pump industry. Warrender Pumps are backed by both a 12/18 month Warranty and a Performance Guarantee for all approved applications.


WMTA Alloy Turbine Mag-Drive Pumps

wmta alloy turbine pump
WMTA6-LN-2S / 3S Multistage Turbine Mag-Drive Pump

wmta ln 2s 3s multistage pump

WMCA-API-685 Centrifugal Mag-Drive
wmca api-685 pump

VSS Disc-Rotor Slurry Pumps  

vss disc rotor slurry pump