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WARRENDER has specialized in the field of Seal-less Magnetic Pumps for 30 years as a leading pump company meeting both Process & OEM Pump process systems. Today WARRENDER Magnetic Pumps are available in an expansive range of hydraulic designs encompassing Centrifugal, Multistage, Regenerative Turbine, P.D. Rotary Vane, Low NPSH and High Pressure. Industry standards include: ISO-2858, ANSI-B73.1 and API-685. Metallic designs suitable for a wide range of chemicals, hydrocarbons and liquefied gases are constructed in: WCB Carbon Steel, 316L-SS, Hastelloy-C276; Non-metallic designs meet highly corrosive and permeating chemical applications are constructed in: Polypropylene, PVDF and Fluoroplastic ETFE and PFA. WARRENDER Pumps are offered in Seal-less Magnetic Drive. Thousands of WARRENDER Pumps are currently in service worldwide, providing trouble-free performance in a wide range of industries.

WARRENDER Pump factories meet stringent ISO-9001 quality standards with a culmination of many decades of pump engineering, technical expertise and knowhow. Test facilities are among the most formidable in the pump industry. WARRENDER Pumps are backed by both a 12/18 month Warranty and a Performance Guarantee for all approved applications.

The latest WARRENDER seal-less magnetic (mag-drive) pump designs replace earlier Caster Pumps Division configurations (e.g., MCA, MCH, MC-SP, MTA, MT, MT-SP, MPA, MP). These designs include the WMCA alloy centrifugal ISO-2858, API-685 pumps, API-610 pumps, ANSI-B73.1,

WMTA regenerative magnetic turbine pump, WMRA magnetic vane pump, WMCP thermoplastic centrifugal, WMTP thermoplastic regenerative turbine, and WMRP thermoplastic rotary vane - WARRENDER allows an easy transition from earlier Warrender - Caster Pump Div. designs to our new updated seal-less magnetic pump program.



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•Seal-less Magnetic Turbine Pumps

WMTA Alloy Turbine Mag-Drive Pumps

wmta alloy turbine pump
WMTA6-LN-2S / 3S Multistage Turbine Mag-Drive Pumps

wmta ln 2s 3s multistage pump

WMT Billet PP & PVDF Turbine Mag-Drive Pumps

wmt billet pp pvdf turbine pump

•Seal-less Magnetic Centrifugal Pumps
WMCA ANSI B73.1, ISO 2858, & API 685 Alloy Centrifugal Mag-Drive Seal-less Pumps

wmca iso centrifugal pump
SR Alloy Centrifugal Mag-Drive Seal-less Pumps

sr centrifugal mag drive pump

WMCH Billet PP & PVDF Mag-Drive Pumps

wmch-billet pp pvdf mag drive pump
M Molded PP & PVDF Centrifugal Mag-Drive Pumps

m molded pp pvdf pump