Warrender Pumps are the culmination of over 35 years of pumping expertise in a vast myriad of services and applications. Warrender Pumps are available in an extensive range of seal-less magnetically coupled or mechanically sealed, non-metallic and metallic designs.

Warrender Pumps meet challenging Process & OEM Pump systems from an expansive range of hydraulic designs encompassing Centrifugal, Multistage, Regenerative Turbine, Rotary Vane and Low NPSH. Industry standards include API-610, API-685, ISO-2858, ANSI-B73.1 and Vertical Turbine. Materials of construction include 316-SS Alloy, WCB Carbon Steel, Hastelloy-C276 and Thermoplastic Polypropylene, PVDF, FRP- Fiberglass, and Fluoroplastic ETFE and PFA. Warrender Pumps are offered in Seal-less Magnetic Drive, Canned Motor and Mechanical Seal configurations. Extremely high viscosities and slurries over 25,000 cPs are easily handled with our patented disc-rotor pumps. Thousands of WARRENDER Pumps are currently in service worldwide, providing trouble-free performance in a wide range of industries.


  • WMTA Seal-less Turbine Mag-Drive Pump
  • WMTA6-LN-MS Seal-less Multistage Turbine High Head Pump
Warrender Seal-less Magnetic Turbine Pumps are available in single stage or multistage configurations.

Designs in Section

Process Magnetic Pumps

  • WMCA API-685 Magnetic
  • WMCA ISO-2858 Magnetic
  • WMTA Alloy Single Stage Turbine
  • WMTA6-LN-MS Alloy Multi Stage Turbine
  • WMPA Alloy Vane
  • WMCH Machined Thermoplastic Centrifugal
  • WMCH-SP Machined Thermoplastic Centrifugal Self-Primer
  • WMT Machined Thermoplastic Turbine
  • WMT-SP Machined Thermoplastic Turbine Self-Primer

Thermoplastic Magnetic Pumps

  • M Series Centrifugal
  • MV Series Vertical Centrifugal
Metallic Sealed Pumps

  • ANSI B73.1 Metallic Centrifugal

High Viscosity-Slurry Handling Pumps

  • Disc-rotor electric pumps
  • Tubular diaphragm pneumatic pumps