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Ensure Safe Operations with the Seal-less Mag-drive Pumps from WARRENDER, LTD for Ammonia

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WARRENDER LTD’S offers you durable and reliable ammonia and CO2 circulation and transfer pumps for a variety of applications. Our pumps are a safe choice for refrigeration, API and CPI processes, and thermal transfer systems. The defining attributes of our pumps are: zero emissions, low ok load, and no flashing. Like our other mag-drive product ranges, WARRENDER LTD’S CO2 and ammonia pump range meets EPA zero-emissions regulations owing to their versatile magnetic coupling technology. We customarily produce pumps for a myriad of industry applications that include:

  • Refrigeration systems: These pumps are used for transferring and recirculation of ammonia, CO2, and fluorocarbon refrigerants.
  • API and CPI processes: Our pumps are compatible for use with liquefied gases, petroleum by-products, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, and chemical processing.
  • Thermal transfer systems: Customers confidently use our pumps for high-temperature synthetic oils as well as low-temperature synthetic oils.

The WARRENDER Advantage

WARRENDER, LTD’S CO2 and ammonia pump range is designed with the requirements of the most demanding and exacting operational conditions. Our pumps are durable, leak proof and resistant to corrosion, preventing costly maintenance and lost production time.

WARRENDER, LTD custom alternatives include standard and low NPSH designs with MOC of cast steel and stainless steel , with varied flow rate and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

Customized pumps feature pump casing and internal components made of materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel, based on process requirements. For more information or enquiries, please speak with a WARRENDER, LTD representative today.