About Us

Mission Statement

WARRENDER, LTD. is committed to providing environmentally safe sealless mag-drive pumps to assist industries in meeting zero emissions regulations as defined within the 1990 EPA Clean Air Act. By supplying heavy-duty, robust pump designs built to the highest quality standards, WARRENDER, Ltd. strives to promote safety and reliability in the workplace. Supplying heavy duty, robust pump designs built to the highest quality standards will ensure the utmost in safety and reliability. We will stand by our customers with a performance guarantee for approved applications, combined with our one-year product warranty.

Our Specialty

Zero Leakage - Zero Corrosion™
Our mag-drive pumps can run your processes free of leakage, contamination or toxic spillage. Avoid potential environmental fines and constant monitoring. Eliminate toxic and dangerous chemical releases-- even when handling volatile, explosive or environmentally reactive chemicals--by operating 100% leak-free. WARRENDER mag-drive pumps are constructed of a wide variety of
materials to satisfy specific process requirements for chemical inertia, corrosion and
temperature resistance.

Warrender, Ltd. - The right source for your seal-less pump needs

Warrender, Ltd. is committed to the highest quality standards to protect
your process, preventing costly maintenance and lost production time.
Over 30 years of experience in producing and applying magnetic
drive pumps. We have acquired our know-how from years
of problem solving for thousands of customers with an
expansive array of applications.